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Luxury Apartments In Dallas

luxury dallas apartments

Luxury Apartments in Dallas Tx

Are you looking for luxury apartments in Dallas Tx? Where are the best apartments, lofts, townhomes, and high-rise urban dwellings? What one person considers a luxury apartment does not qualify in another persons opinion. Even some properties that call themselves a “luxury community” fall short by some renters standards. So the term “luxury” is subjective. What is most important is what are YOU LOOKING FOR in a property that will make it qualify as one of the best luxury apartments in Dallas Tx? Let your Dallas Apartment Locator know at J. Ellis, and they will send you a custom list of all the best properties that match your standards.

It goes without saying that most rental communities considered to be a luxury upscale property have a higher price tag than the normal apartment, loft or townhome. Out of the thousands of apartments in Dallas, there are over 41 of them that have 1 bedrooms starting at a price of $2,000 and going up. Since the average 1 bedroom apartment in Dallas is closer to $900 (give or take a few hundred dollars depending on the area), these 41 properties are a good place to begin your search for the best luxury apartments in Dallas Tx.

Some of these higher quality properties are in the following areas of Dallas:

Preston Hollow- Located just North of University Park and 6 miles north of Downtown Dallas. This deeply wooded area with creeks and hollows has a variety of prominent residents, including former president George Bush, Ross Perot, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and the owner of the Dallas Stars, numerous sports figures such as Roger Staubach, and the deceased Mary Kay. Known as the “Golden Corridor” of Dallas because of the wealth found there, the homes in Preston Hollow are among the most costly in the entire state and continue to increase in value. Currently the price range of homes found here are $800,000 for tear downs, all the way up to 40 million dollars. The Plaza at Preston Center and Preston Royal Village have one-of-a-kind shops and places to eat.

Downtown Dallas- For more information on Downtown Dallas, please visit the page on our website called “Downtown Dallas” under “Best Areas in Dallas to Move To”, or visit the page “Downtown Dallas Apartments”.

M Streets- This area is just East of Highland Park and SMU, and a couple miles NE of Deep Ellum. This area has a vibrant night life with a variety of bars, live music venues, and restaurants. Lower Greenville also hosts an annual St. Patricks Day Parade that is well known throughout Dallas. The real estate in this area is more upscale and includes luxurious homes, lofts, and townhomes.

Highland Park- This neighborhood has some of the most luxurious and large homes in all of Dallas. Located just north of Uptown and only minutes away from Downtown Dallas, homes in Highland Park can be very expensive. The average income for this area is $150,000 and the average price of homes is around a million dollars. The neighborhood was recently ranked as one of the wealkthiest locations in Texas. Besides the upscale living accommodations, there also are numerous parks, shopping centers, and art galleries. It also boasts one of the best public school systems in the nation. Life in Highland Park may be expensive, but for those who are able to afford it, the area has everything you could ever want.

Knox-Henderson- This neighborhood is north of Downtown and close to the expensive homes in Highland Park. It is known for its high energy bar and restaurant scene and eclectic environment. People from all over Dallas are attracted to this area. Since the neighborhood is only a few blocks in size, most people end up just parking their cars and walking from bar to bar. In addition to the active nightlife, Knox-Henderson also contains one of the oldest shopping hot spots of Dallas.

Victory Park- The ultra hip center of Victor Park is W Hotel. Still growing, shops and restaurants are springing up in this area. It may soon become the hottest spot in Dallas. Located next to the American Airlines Center, you can go see a concert or watch the Mavericks play, and then walk up and down along the boardwalk checking out any of the new trendy shops or restaurants. The W Hotel is a cool place to check out, and the Ghost Bar is pretty much an all night long party.

Deep Ellum- Located just a few blocks east of Downtown and close by the Lower Greenville area, Deep Ellum is really the arts and entertainment capital for the entire city of Dallas. There is a myriad of art galleries, opera houses, and live music venues to be found in this neighborhood. It has quickly become a hotspot for young urban professionals looking for a social scene. There is only a relatively small amount of houses in the area. Most of the housing comes in the form of high rises, metro lofts, and townhomes. This is a cool place to live and be surrounded by a happening scene and enjoy a great view of the skyline.

The Village- This area is home to some of the most unique apartment communities in the country. With over 14 different rental properties all in the same neighborhood, The Village projects the atmosphere of a city within a city. This community has it's own athletic facilities, jogging trails, country club, and much more.

Ask your Dallas Apartment Locator for more information about luxury apartments in Dallas TX from these neighborhoods, or any others. We have the inside information on EVERY property in the DFW metropolis.

Also let your Dallas Apartment Locator know if there are any particular amenities or features that are important to you. Luxury Apartments in Dallas TX offer a wide selection of amenities, such as: 17 foot high ceilings, large floor-to-ceiling windows, pools with outdoor verandas and hot tubs, private cabanas, outdoor entertainment areas with fireplaces and dining, guest apartments, spectacular views, full service business centers and conference rooms, concierge services that include wake up calls, taxi arrangements, restaurant reservations, valet parking, dog walking services and a pool butler.

The options are limitless. Your Dallas Apartment Locator can save you countless hours and much frustration by guiding you to the properties that match what you are looking for. Don't miss out on the best luxury apartments in Dallas TX.

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