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Irving TX is known for housing two of the most premier urban developments in Dallas.....Valley Ranch and Las Colinas. Irving in general boasts an unemployment rate of only 5.8% (as of 2012), which is considerably lower than the national rate of 8.3%, and even beats out the state average of 7.8%.

In addition to enjoying a low unemployment rate, Irving Tx also has a poverty level that is 40.3% less than the Texas average. For the renter in Irving Tx, the average household income is $49,340, much higher than the state average of $34,283.

Irving Tx earns a second look when it comes to deciding where to get your next apartment. However, we want to especially draw your attention to 2 areas of Irving Tx that are particularly noteworthy: Valley Ranch and Las Colinas.

Apartments in Valley Ranch and apartments in Las Colinas Tx are worth serious consideration for your next apartment home. Not only do they offer convenient central locations between Dallas and Fort Worth, but they also offer elegant upscale living and outstanding neighborhood amenities.

The entire city of Irving Tx has a population of 218,850, as of 2012. Las Colinas and Valley Ranch together make up only 37,130 out of the 218,850 total Irving population.

The city of Irving has an area of about 67 square miles. Combined together, Valley Ranch and Las Colinas occupy only 21.6 square miles of the 67.

Since Valley Ranch and Las Colinas obviously represent only a small percentage of the city of Irving, why do we seem to be focusing on these 2 developments? This is because Valley Ranch and Las Colinas represent the premiere areas of Irving, Tx as outstanding master-planned developments with superior housing options and all of the criteria that are important to renters. Apartments in Valley Ranch and apartments in Las Colinas TX are miles ahead of the apartments in most other areas of Irving.

As evidence of these two developments representing upscale areas, the average income for households in Irving Tx as of 2009 was $49,679. However, the average income for households in Las Colinas was $56,698 and in Valley Ranch was $60,066. The poverty rates for the areas of Las Colinas and Valley Ranch are also lower than the rest of Irving.

Home values are also higher in Las Colinas and Valley Ranch than in the rest of Irving, Tx. For instance, the average value of homes in Irving is $169,752, whereas the average value of homes in Valley Ranch is $240,401 and the average value of homes in Las Colinas Tx is $482,298.

The residents of Las Colinas and Valley Ranch also are more educated, on average, than the rest of Irving. For example, 20% of the Irving population have a Bachelor's degree, whereas 40% of the Valley Ranch population, and an even higher percentage of the Las Colinas population, have a Bachelor's degree or above.

Not to be ignored, also, is the corporate presence and urban lifestyle that Las Colinas offers, in contrast to the rest of Irving. Las Colinas has been coined a more beautiful and contemporary version of downtown Dallas. There is the presence of many Fortune 500 companies, office parks, high rise buildings, over 2000 different corporations and the global headquarters for such companies as ExxonMobil.

Apartments in Las Colinas Tx and apartments in Valley Ranch offer premier leisure activities. They boast access to many of the area golf courses, private country clubs and even 4 championship golf courses. The Four Seasons Resort, found in Las Colinas, is the only 5 diamond resort in the entire state of Texas. It is at that resort where you can watch the Byron Nelson Championship.

Las Colinas was honored with the Urban Land Institute Award for Excellence because of being such a superb master community.

Las Colinas and Valley Ranch also boast many good schools. Irving in general is served by 3 different school districts: The Irving ISD, The Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD, and Coppell ISD. Coppell ISD in particular is ranked #1 out of all the school districts in the State of Texas in 2006. Most of the schools in Irving that are part of the Coppell ISD can be found in Valley Ranch.

Yes, in 2011 Business Week listed Irving as being among the Top 50 Best Cities in America, but it cites Las Colinas is one of the major reasons for the ranking.

Things to Do in Valley Ranch and Las Colinas:

  • Explore, walk or bike along any of the vast networks of canals in Valley Ranch and Las Colinas, where you will find lushly landscaped walkways with fountains, turtles, ducks and cool fauna and flora. You can also enjoy visiting one of the many parks in Las Colinas or Valley Ranch.
  • Visit The Studios at Las Colinas. This is a major movie production facility that boasts being the largest in the country outside of California and Florida. Major television shows and movies, such as JFK, have been filmed here. Open for tours, they also have movie artifacts from various major motion films such as The Sound of Music, Forest Gump, and others.
  • Visit the Cimmarron Park Family Aquatic Center. This newly built Aquatic Center features a 9500 square foot main pool, as well as a 1,000 square foot children's pool. The main pool has water volleyball, lap lanes, and two large water slides.
  • Play a round of golf at one of the many area golf courses.
  • Go see the world's largest equestrian sculpture, featuring the bronze mustangs of Las Colinas as they gallop across a granite stream in Williams Square.
  • Visit one of the hundreds of restaurants in Las Colinas and Valley Ranch or one of the dozens of theaters.
  • Visit the Irving Arts Center. This spectacular complex includes 2 galleries and 2 theater concert auditoriums for year round live performances.
  • Take a private gondola cruise in Las Colinas. This is a very unique experience as you sail down the Mandalay Canal on your private gondola. These cruises serve the hotels, residents, restaurants and general public.
  • For shopping, head over to the Ls Colinas Village. This shopping center covers a huge area of 135,000 square feet. The Irving Mall has also been termed the “city's best undercover shopping zone”. It offers dining facilities, cinema, and a host of many different stores. You can also take advantage of your convenient central location to explore malls and shopping centers both in Dallas and Fort Worth. Not to be overlooked is the nearby Grapevine Mills Mall.

Apartments in Las Colinas TX and apartments in Valley Ranch are conveniently located so that you have access to the best of Dallas and the best of Fort Worth. The activities and amenities of both cities are right at your fingertips.

One night you might decide to go to Deep Ellum near Downtown Dallas or the lower Greenville Avenue. Another night you might head over the the Stockyards in Fort Worth or Sundance Square. If you are a fan of the arts, you might want to check out the Majestic Theater or the Music Hall at Fair Park in Dallas one week. You might want to check out the Kimbell Art Museum or the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth another week.

Really, there is no limit to the arts, entertainment, restaurants, shopping, theater and outdoor activities that are all just minutes away if you live in one of the apartments in Las Colinas Tx or one of the apartments in Valley Ranch

Irving is home to over 100 different apartments, townhomes, lofts and mid-rise rentals. Of those 100 rental properties, more than 58 of them reside in either Valley Ranch or Las Colinas. How long would it take you to explore and interview each and every one of those 58 properties? They are all unique, with different prices, amenities, locations and qualification requirements. Some have openings and vacancies, and others are 100% full. Some have better reputations than others.

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