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Many people love the open feeling of a Downtown Dallas loft, and the unique design of many Dallas loft floor plans. What exactly IS a loft? Some people get lofts confused with townhomes or split levels. A split level just refers to any apartment that has more than one level. So this could be a townhome or a loft. What is the difference, then, between a townhome and a loft? A loft describes a split level floor plan where the upper level is OPEN to the lower level. A townhome is not open. Also, a townhome can be two, three or even four levels, but a loft is almost always only 2 levels (unless there is a private garage under the loft, adding another level, but this is rare).

Usually (but not always) a townhome is separate from the surrounding units and has a private attached garage. It gives the resident the feeling of living in a little mini-house. You do not have neighbors above or below you, and sometimes townhomes have small private yards. Typically they are found in the suburbans, although there are a few in the areas surrounding Downtown Dallas. A loft, however, is more commonly found in urban environments, closer to the Downtown center of Dallas. Many times you will find a Downtown Dallas loft in a high-rise building or mid-rise building. Instead of a private attached garage, they often are all part of the same building and share the use of a private community parking garage.

There are basically 3 different kinds of lofts:

A Historic Loft Conversion- Historically renovated and preserved buildings have been converted into unique lofts with charming character. In order for the buildings to be considered historical markers, the renovation must be carried out carefully according to special protocol. The resulting lofts are often luxurious in nature. Since the original buildings were usually multi stories, these types of lofts are typically found in high-rise or mid-rise buildings. Downtown Dallas lofts have the highest concentration of historic loft conversions in the metropolis, although there are also a few found in the areas surrounding Downtown Dallas, such as in Uptown Dallas, Deep Ellum, or East Dallas.

Warehouse Lofts- These unique lofts often use to be factories and warehouses used for manufacturing and industrial purposes, but they have been converted and completely remodeled into modern lofts. To maintain the industrial feel, the loft is not completely finished out, leaving exposed pipes and vents. Frequently the original brick walls will remain, and the original concrete floors are stained and polished. Each floor plan may be completely different and unique. Since the buildings were originally only 1 or 2 story tall warehouses, these lofts are not your typical high-rise unit. You may not have any neighbors above or below you. Yet, your 2 story split level floor plan will still give you the open and airy environment that are characteristic of lofts. Most of these types of lofts are found in Downtown Dallas or the areas surrounding Downtown Dallas.

Newly Constructed Dallas Lofts- These lofts were constructed recently and can be found in a brand new high-rise or mid-rise that just made its appearance in Downtown Dallas, or they can be found in a 2 or 3 story modern apartment community found anywhere in the Dallas area. Some of these newly constructed Downtown Dallas lofts may be part of a mixed use building, meaning that it may have retail on the first ground level, and the lofts are built above the retail spaces.

There are 16 different rental communities in Downtown Dallas that have lofts. Some of these properties may have multiple floor plans, including flats, but they do have at least SOME floor plans that are lofts. Other properties have solely lofts among their offerings. Of those 16 properties that offer lofts, 12 of them are historic buildings built between 1903 and 1946 that have been completely restored and transformed into modern urban lofts that retain much of the charm of the original architecture. The other 4 properties represent buildings that have been recently constructed.

If you include the surrounding areas of Downtown Dallas, such as Uptown Dallas, East Dallas, Deep Ellum and Park Cities, then you can add another 39 properties to the list who offer either all lofts or at least some lofts among their floor plans. Of those 39 properties, 9 of them are considered historical buildings that have been converted into Dallas lofts. The other 30 are new constructions. So as you can see, historic loft conversions are much more likely to be found in Downtown Dallas.

If you look outside of the area close to Downtown Dallas, such as in North Dallas, Plano, Las Colinas, Grapevine, Lewisville, Bedford, and other suburbs, you can add another 68 properties that offer loft floor plans. The vast majority of these were constructed in recent years.

If you have already decided that a Dallas loft is for you, then where are the best lofts Downtown Dallas has to offer? Which ones offer the best amenities? Since everyone's taste is different and there is a huge variety of Dallas lofts, your Dallas Apartment Locator at J. Ellis will be able to narrow down the options for you and show you were the best Downtown Dallas lofts are that perfectly match your specific criteria.

Here are some of the amenities and distinctive features that you can find in a Downtown Dallas loft:

  • Historic Loft Conversion, Warehouse Loft, a New Construction Downtown Dallas Loft, a High-Rise Dallas Loft, a Mid-Rise Dallas Loft
  • Luxury Downtown Dallas Lofts
  • Marble, Tile, Hardwood, and Stained Concrete Flooring
  • Granite Countertops, Stainless Steel Appliances and Fixtures
  • Gourmet Kitchens With Custom Cabinets & Track Lighting
  • Walk-in Showers and Large Jacuzzi Tubs
  • On-site Happy Hour and Live Music
  • Billiards Room and Bowling Alley
  • Wine Tasting Room
  • Over-sized Private Terraces
  • Soaring Tall Ceilings and Windows From Floor to Ceiling
  • Sliding Barn Doors
  • Salt Water Pools
  • Indoor and Outdoor Theaters
  • Concierge, Housekeeping, & Dry Cleaning Services
  • Private On-Site Pet Parks
  • Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services
  • Private Limited Access Garage Parking
  • Wi-Fi Internet Cafe
  • Private Guest Suites
  • Ground Level Retail Shopping

Keep in mind that some of those amenities (such as dry cleaning or dog walking services) are available, but additional charges may apply. Also, not every Downtown Dallas loft has ALL of the above features and amenities. Your Dallas Apartment Locator at J. Ellis knows which properties offer which amenities.

Save yourself a lot of headaches and wasted time checking out the dozens of communities near or in Downtown Dallas that offer lofts. They are all radically different from one another. Only some of the properties will have the features YOU are looking for.

Instead, fill out the form on our website and let us know what you are looking for. A list of all the best lofts Downtown Dallas has (that match your requirements) will be emailed to you right away. The list will include all the inside apartment information (pictures, floor plans and maps) personally prepared by a J. Ellis Rental Agent. Narrow down your options to the best properties and spend your time wisely, with peace of mind knowing that you aren't missing out on any of the choicest properties that perfectly match what you are looking for.

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