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About J. Ellis Apartment Locators

J. Ellis Apartment Locators opened doors in 1984 when the founder, Rick Ellis, noticed a lack of expertise and professionalism in the apartment locating industry and decided to step up to the plate to fill the void. The trend at the time in the industry was not to focus on renters specific needs, but instead to focus on closing large quantities of sales and collecting commissions.

J. Ellis Apartment Locators, therefore, was founded on the premise of providing custom and individual, highly professional services that are personalized for each renter to help them actually find the closest match possible to their needs. As a result, J. Ellis has been an industry leader for over 20 years in the Dallas area, while many other locating companies have come and gone.

Our original office opened doors on January 17, 1985 in Irving, Tx. It still remains today one of the largest and busiest Dallas apartment locator firms in the area. It only took 3 months for this first office to become profitable- an incredible feat. Customers appreciated our hands on approach, our professionalism, and our expert knowledge of the apartment communities.

Within only a few years it became necessary for us to double our size, relocate our Corporate Office to a larger facility, and make room for further growth.

Throughout the years, J. Ellis has assisted literally thousands of renters to find the perfect apartment, townhome or loft. It isn't unusual to have clients return to us for assistance in finding their next rental home for the 2nd, 3rd or 4th time. Our returning customers only validate even further our business philosophy. These valued repeat customers are, perhaps, one of the most gratifying aspects of our business.

Our mission today remains the same as the day we opened our doors: Provide custom and personalized assistance to each and every renter according to their unique and individual tastes, needs, and circumstances. This requires two major tasks:

1. Thoroughly understand the renters circumstances and what they are looking for (this also requires good communication on the part of the renter).

2. Maintain a complete and thorough knowledge of all the current and upcoming rental properties in the DFW area.

When you fill out the form on our website to receive a custom list of all the properties that best match your criteria, you are helping us to accomplish step #1 thoroughly understand your circumstances and needs. This helps to ensure that the apartments we recommend on the custom list are the BEST match for you. Please fill in as much information as possible, and as accurately as possible. There is a possibility that your assigned Apartment Locating Agent might need to give you a call to clarify some feature you are needing.

How about step #2 above...maintaining a complete knowledge of all the current and upcoming rental properties in Dallas and the surrounding areas? J. Ellis uses a database that contains the inside information of each and every property in the Dallas metropolis. This database is managed by a team of individuals whose sole purpose is to stay in constant communication with every rental property and update any new information available. They drive around and take pictures of all the properties, collect the floorplans, and stay in daily contact with them. Whenever a new property is being built, before it is even open for business, while the construction is still being completed, this team is already contacting the management company, getting their details, and adding them to the database. In this sense, our information is always up to date and complete.

In addition, all of the agents at J. Ellis are local residents of Dallas and are familiar with the geographic areas and the properties from personal experience. Each agent, on average, assists hundreds of renters per year. Therefore, your J. Ellis Dallas Apartment Locator frequently tours each of these properties and has daily communications with the Managers and Leasing Agents of these rentals, maintaining on-going relationships with the personnel.

Because your Dallas Apartment Locator at J. Ellis works with dozens of renters each month, they frequently hear about any bad or good experiences the renters have had from various apartments, lofts and townhomes. Over the years, some properties develop better reputations than others, and your Dallas Apartment Locator at J. Ellis KNOWS which properties those are.

In conclusion, you can be sure that J. Ellis maintains a complete and thorough knowledge of all the current and upcoming rental properties in the DFW area.

About the Owner

ApartmentsUptownDallas AboutTheOwner

Rick Ellis is the Broker/Owner of J. Ellis Apartment Locators. He has a Bachelor of Science, a Masters of Art, as well as Certification in Property Management and a license as a Real Estate Broker. He has earned the very prestigious AMO designation (Accredited Management Organization), and is proud to also be an Eagle Scout.

Since the very beginning, Mr. Ellis has been directly involved in the operation and management of J. Ellis Apartment Locators. In addition, he also provides property management services to a large portfolio of various residential real estate rentals. The portfolio has reached up to 6,000 units in 4 different major markets.

Besides this management experience, Mr. Ellis also is well recognized throughout the country as an expert in apartment marketing, property positioning, and evaluating rental markets. As a strong public speaker, Mr. Ellis is frequently retained for training seminars and makes hundreds of presentations each year on a wide variety of subjects that range from basic apartment leasing, resident retention, to the economics of apartments and apartment management.

As the owner of J. Ellis Apartment Locators, Mr. Ellis has worked hand in hand with thousands of renters over the years and understands their needs. This puts him in the perfect position to convey the mind of the renter to the apartment industry so that they can better cater to the needs of their residents and enjoy a higher occupancy rate, as well as a higher occupancy retention.

Likewise, working hand in hand with apartment management companies and their leasing teams over the years also allows Mr. Ellis to understand their challenges. This also puts him in the perfect position to convey to the renter the mind of the apartment properties, why they have certain restrictions, and which properties may be able to better assist the renter with their particular situation.

All in all, by becoming an expert on BOTH sides of the coin, Rick Ellis at J. Ellis Apartment Locators is able to create a win-win situation for both the renter and the rental property.

Apartment Locating can be a challenging business. Only people-oriented Locators with a comprehensive product knowledge will be successful. This explains the success of J. Ellis as your premier Dallas Apartment Locator. We are proud to work with some of the finest Locating Agents in the Dallas area, and we salute our team of locating professionals for their contribution to our phenomenal success!

If you don't relish the idea of wasting your days driving around and visiting properties that don't match what you need, can't work with your circumstances, or don't even have openings, then give us a call today. Avoid finding yourself locked into a lease at an apartment that you discover is NOT a good match for you. How frustrating it would be to find yourself in that situation and then discover a really great property just around the corner that you MISSED because you didn't even know it existed. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing a professional rental expert has already done the work for you and outlined ALL the best options for your situation and criteria.

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  • Lewisville Tx Apartments

Regardless of the area you are looking for in DFW, we have the inside information you need. We work with ALL 3000+ rental properties, townhomes, apartments and lofts in the Metroplex. We take our responsibility as your Dallas Apartment Locator seriously, as well as our reputation for being the best Apartment Locating Company in Dallas.

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